Why Adopt a Kangal Dog?


The European market seems to be saturated with Kangal Puppies. Some are born in poor conditions. Some are bread simply for the owner’s financial gain. If lucky, the puppies get sold to good homes, but too often this is not the case. There is times when those adopting a cute-Kangal-puppy […]

Kangal Rescue


Rescue efforts already helped re-home over 600 dogs! Successful adoptions come with a lot of expenses including: vet bills, housing, food, transportation, and more. It costs $3000 Euros a month to maintain the shelter in Germany. If you would like to support Kangal Rescue Operations, here is how: Make a […]

Looking for a Kangal Dog?

Bleu 180

Some Questions to consider: What are your reasons for wanting a Kangal dog ? Did you complete your research regarding the breed ? Have you explored all the pros and cons ? Are you up for a challenge of owning a livestock guardian? Do you have the time, commitment & […]